Alluring Buyers

How can you get eligible buyers to notice your home?

When your home is put on the market, it needs to be seen by eligible buyers who are looking for places like yours. If such buyers don’t see your listing, it can take a long time to get your home off the market. Worse, your house my up selling for a lot lower than you intended.

As a local market expert, I can promote your home to people who matter. I understand how to generate interest from qualified buyers so that serious offers don’t take long to come in.

To accomplish this, I will put together a suitable marketing plan. Putting a home on the market entails more than throwing a sign on your lawn that reads, “For Sale.” I will work with you directly to develop a marketing strategy, which may contain some of these actions:

  • Taking photos and collecting information about your home.
  • Crafting a riveting profile for your property and developing promotional materials that make an impact.
  • Listing your home on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which is a platform used by buyers to look for properties on the market (and by sellers to list them).
  • Using paid ads on relevant websites or printed publications so that the right eyes can see your property.
  • Promoting your home on my frequently-visited website.
  • Promoting your listing through social media and other online platforms.
  • Setting up a date for an open house, then promoting it.

Further, I keep in touch with buyers on a regular basis.

Right after your home goes on the market, I may directly contact people who are in search of a home like yours. I will talk to such people into booking a viewing of your home. I will also spread the word about your property to fellow real estate agents. In doing so, your home will be seen by their clients, too.

It is my duty to make sure that qualified buyers are aware of your property, feel connected to it, and subsequently make you an offer.

For more information about how I can aggressively market and promote your property, send me an email, give me a call, or fill out the following form to schedule a personal consultation with me. There is no obligation or commitment involved with this meeting.

The quicker we begin, the faster your property will be taken off the market, and the higher your selling price will be.

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