Establishing a Selling Price

How to Establish an Asking Price

Everybody wants to sell their home for nothing short of its full value. There might even be a specific selling price you are striving for. However, how will you know if that figure is fair?

You might have worries about the following:

  • If your home is listed for too high of a price, the amount of people that the listing is exposed to will be limited.
  • If you lowball your selling price, you run the risk of not getting as much as you could have for the property.

Worry not. I have extensive experience developing cost strategies that will capture the eyes of eligible buyers. I will get things in place so that your home gets sold for the highest amount possible. I am a local market expert – I understand what homes similar to yours get sold for, and I know how to get your property within that price range.

I start by familiarizing myself with your home and all of its attractive features. From there, I do some math to establish the property’s existing market value. For the most part, the home’s value will be contingent on what other homes in the neighborhood sold for within a certain period.

You’re not going to establish a price based on your home’s sentimental value. However, certain aspects – like a well-maintained patio, an updated bathroom or kitchen, or newly installed hardwood floors – influence on how fast (and how much) the home gets sold for. I will walk you through aspects that will establish the listing price, and I will make sure the price accommodates both your goals and marketplace expectations.

If you’re wondering how much you could get for your home in the market today, send me an email, give me a call, or fill out the following form to schedule a personal consultation with me. I can answer your questions, and there are no obligations involved with our meeting.

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