Handling Offers

Your Real Estate Agent Will Take Care of All the Particulars That Come With Selling a Home

It can be very exciting to get an offer for your home when it’s on the market. When you get an offer, it means someone has expressed interest in your home, to the point where an offer was put together to purchase the place from you.

What exactly is an offer comprised of?

An offer is a document that discloses the price a buyer is willing to pay. Their price might differ from your asking price. Other information will be included in the offer, such as a specified closing date, as well as various other conditions (for example, closing of the sale could be contingent on a home inspection of the property with a passing grade).

If things were to go your way perfectly, the house will be sold to whoever is making you an offer for as close to the selling price as possible. Be mindful that some issues could derail the deal (for instance, you won’t be able to sell the home to a certain buyer if they can’t obtain financing).

I understand how complex this might sound, but you needn’t worry. I will do the following as your representative:

  • Go over the offer and explain what you need to know in a clear and concise manner.
  • Provide you with my professional opinion about the offer’s quality. If certain aspects of the offer that worry me, I will mention it.
  • Tell you if you should accept, reject, or counter the offer.
  • Create a counteroffer without scaring away the buyer.
  • Carefully negotiate the offer so that the property gets sold for as close to full value as possible, if not more.
  • Put together all the required documentation to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Keep you abreast of all happenings for the duration of the process – you will never be out of the loop when I’m working for you.

I have a track record for getting homes sold for the highest price possible, particularly in local markets like this one.

If you want to find out what you could sell your property for, send me an email, give me a call, or fill out the following form to book a personal consultation with me at no charge. There are no obligations or commitments involved with the meeting.

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